Readers ask: What County Is Spring Branch Texas In?

Is Spring Branch TX a good place to live?

For many reasons, Spring Branch may be considered a retiree’s dream neighborhood. According to NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis and metrics, it’s peaceful and quiet, has above average safety from crime compared to other neighborhoods in Texas, while also offering a diverse range of housing options.

Where is Spring Ranch Texas?

The Springs Ranch is a truly unique and idyllic Hill Country retreat and working ranch for sale in Gillespie County, between Llano and Fredericksburg, Texas.

Is spring a ghetto branch?

While some areas are still pretty ghetto, others are not, but all the real estate in ‘Spring Branch‘ has been going up in value, even the “ghetto” part. That area is highly desirable these days, some homes can be pricey, not for the house, but the dirt.

Is Spring Branch Houston Safe?

Spring Branch is much quieter than other neighborhoods, and you’ll find a lot of families living in the area. Safety also matters in Spring Branch. In fact, it’s safer than 35% of other Texas cities, but it’s still affordable for younger families and even couples who are just starting out.

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How far is Spring Branch TX from San Antonio?

Distance from Spring Branch, TX to San Antonio, TX

There are 29.20 miles from Spring Branch to San Antonio in south direction and 32 miles (51.50 kilometers) by car, following the US-281 S route.

What is the county for New Braunfels Texas?

Comal County is a county located on the divide between the Blackland Prairies and the Balcones Escarpment. Its largest city and its county seat is New Braunfels. Some of the County’s most notable features are the Guadalupe River, Cibolo Creek, and Canyon Lake.

How far is Spring Branch from Houston?

Distance from Spring Branch, TX to Houston, TX

There are 182.39 miles from Spring Branch to Houston in east direction and 199 miles (320.26 kilometers) by car, following the I-10 route.

How far is Spring Branch Texas from Austin Texas?

The total driving distance from Spring Branch, TX to Austin, TX is 68 miles or 109 kilometers.

Is Alief a ghetto?

Alief then was becoming a sort of no-man’s land—a ghetto island sandwiched between the richer neighborhoods of Southwest Houston, like Bellaire, and the suburb of Katy. Frank and his friends had a lot of pride, and they reveled in Alief’s hardscrabble reputation.

Is Alief safe?

More crime than other houston areas, but overall it is fine. I’ve lived in Alief for over 15 years. Everything is at my disposal. It is culturally diverse.

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