Often asked: What Is The Temperature In Odessa Texas?

How cold does it get in Odessa TX?

In Odessa, the summers are long, hot, and mostly clear and the winters are short, cold, dry, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 33°F to 95°F and is rarely below 22°F or above 102°F.

Does it snow in Odessa Texas?

Odessa averages 2 inches of snow per year.

Is Odessa Texas a good place to live?

With sunny skies, affordable costs of living and a staggeringly-low unemployment rate, this West Texas city is a great place to call home in the Lone Star State.

What is the closest major city to Odessa Texas?

Major cities near Odessa, TX

  • 123 miles to Lubbock, TX.
  • 238 miles to Juarez, Mexico.
  • 242 miles to El Paso, TX.
  • 242 miles to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  • 282 miles to San Antonio, TX.
  • 293 miles to Austin, TX.
  • 311 miles to Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • 337 miles to Albuquerque, NM.
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Is Odessa a safe place to live?

A report in Texas Monthly said Odessa’s violent crime rate of 806 incidents per 100,000 was by far the highest in Texas. The second most dangerous city was Lubbock with a violent crime rate of 658 incidents per 100,000.

Is Odessa TX safe?

Odessa ranks as one of the not-so-safest cities in the state based on FBI crime statistics, according to Backgroundchecks.org. The city came in 132nd out a of a total of 141 cities in Texas with a population over 10,000. Midland fared much better, coming in at 71st.

What is Odessa Texas famous for?

Odessa is known for its cowboy culture, the legion of oil rigs that stand on top of dusty plains, and Friday Night Lights, a book and film based on one of the town’s high school football teams. Yet there’s more to this West Texas town than meets the eye.

What is the cost of living in Odessa Texas?

Odessa cost of living is 88.0

Grocery 93.7 93.7
Health 102.1 95.4
Housing 75 84.3
Median Home Cost $173,400 $195,000

How far is Odessa Texas from the Mexican border?

Mile Distance Duration
Driving 307 Miles 4 hours 31 mins
Flight 254 Miles 1 hours 2 mins

Why is Odessa so dangerous?

Odessa is on the major artery where drugs come in from Mexico and are distributed to the rest of the country. As such, there is a pretty big drug problem there, especially methamphetamine and, to a lesser extent, black tar heroin.

What city is the most dangerous in Texas?

Houston, Lubbock, Dallas, Corpus Christi and Amarillo, in that order, are the cities with the highest violent crime rates in Texas.

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Does Odessa TX get tornadoes?

The chance of earthquake damage in Odessa is about the same as Texas average and is much lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Odessa is much lower than Texas average and is lower than the national average.

What is the closest airport to Odessa Texas?

Midland International Airport (MAF / KMAF) Distance of 12 miles. Airlines serving MAF.

How far is Odessa Texas from Dallas?

The total driving distance from Odessa, TX to Dallas, TX is 352 miles or 566 kilometers.

Where is Odessa Texas?

Odessa /ˌoʊˈdɛsə/ is a city in and the county seat of Ector County, Texas, United States. It is located primarily in Ector County, although a small section of the city extends into Midland County.

Odessa, Texas
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